Marble Arch Place, London

Marble Arch Place, is a mixed-use development opposite the famous London landmark, Marble Arch at Hyde Park, consisting of a 5 storey basement, topped off with an 18 storey residential tower, containing 54 luxury apartments, and a 7 storey commercial building, containing 95,000 sq. ft. of office space.

The project was situated on an awkwardly shaped plot and the basement was constructed top-down from the ground floor, while at the same time constructing the superstructure towers above.

The concrete frame contractor realised that having all of the reinforcement in the 3D model, would be extremely beneficial and save time and money on costly delays due to bars not fitting, or details not working during construction.

During the detailing process, problem areas were identified and flagged up for review with the main consultant. This would then be followed by a design review meeting either on site or via skype with the 3D model as the main focal point, which would allow the issue to be visualised much easier, but would then also allow a solution to be discussed and agreed while looking at the model.

By having every bar detailed on the project, the contractore also able to visualise and plan out pour sequences much more easily and identify any areas that would be difficult to install, or spot potential buildability issues that would not have been flagged up by traditional 2D RC detailing.
3D models were issued alongside every 2D drawing and made available to all parties involved.